• the studio

    Our cozy and creative atmosphere will set the mood to get music flowing.

    • Behind the Board

      Using a Mac Pro Quad Core, the latest version of Logic Pro, Waves Mercury Plugins, and the Presonus StudioLive 24 Channel Mixer, we'll never skip a beat during production.

    • The Control Room

      Spacious and comfortable, perfect for any band to convene and track one on one with the engineer. With a variety of instruments, plenty of midi devices, Native Instrument's Maschine, a Roland G6 keyboard, and hundreds of software instruments, we'll have no problem achieving the sound you are looking for.

    • The Drum Room

      Live in the studio we have a Sonor Newport Beechwood kit with 4 toms, double bass, and a variety of crash and ride cymbals. To enhance creativity, we have an electronic drum pad next to the kit to give the player all the extra sounds required to achieve what is trying to be produced. The kit is equiped with 10 microphones including SM57s, SM52, AKG D550, and Rode K2s.

    • The Vocal Booth

      Whether it's standing to hit those high notes, or sitting to do an acoustic session, the vocal booth accommodates any style using our Sontronics Saturn microphone and Aphex tube preamp.

  • Media

    Always something fresh in the studio!

    -After releasing three albums this year (Vine Leaf, Kindofis, and BP.) and welcoming many new groups, CaddyCorner Studio is proud to announce the release of it's 2014 Compilation.
    -Also, on it's way out soon is an in-studio documentary of Vine Leaf's coming release of Grayest Clouds.
    -Don't forget to us on Facebook for detailed updates and fresh releases.


    2014 Compilation by CaddyCornerStudio


  • staff

    Corey Zack

    After ten years of experience, Corey Zack has no problem being your go to guy for music production. Corey will track, mix and master your project, walking you through the whole process, giving his expertise in the music industry. In fact, all the music you hear was written or co-produced along with Corey, featured Corey on lead guitar and other instruments, and in some cases, performed live. As a fellow musician, he knows the ins and outs of what it takes to produce a quality piece of audible art.
    To contact Corey directly, call 908-892-0694

  • session tips

    Here are some tips to help the recording process go nice and smooth

    If you've never been to a recording studio, your first time can be intimidating. Have no fear, here are some tips to help you relax and feel comfortable in the music environment. There aren't hundreds of people watching you on a stage tonight, just you, or your band, and the engineer.

    Hope this helps and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Recording Studio Services

    CaddyCorner Studio offers a wide range in media needs. Whether it be recording an indie rock band, composing a classical piece for a soundtrack, or producing a beat to lay your hip-hop vocals over, we provide the services to get the job done.


    With the Presonus StudioLive24 Mixer combined with quality equipment and instruments such as Sontronic, Rode, Shure, and AKG microphones, Roland Fantom G6 keyboard, NI Maschine, a Sonor Newport Beechwood drumkit with a variety of cymbals, you'll come in loud, crisp, and clear. Services include, artist/band audio production, one-on-one beat making sessions for Hip-hop, R&B, House, Electronic, and jingle/melody production. Tracking and producing rates start at $50 per hour, but we offer package deals when getting your material recorded, mixed and mastered here in the studio.


    With Logic X and Waves Mercury Plugins, our studio makes for a powerful mix environment that is hard to match. Our talented staff will bring out the best in your music and help you realize its full potential. Mixing rates start at $50 per hour, but we offer package deals when getting your material recorded, mixed and mastered here in the studio.


    Don't sell yourself short with any standard studio's audio quality. Many fall short in the step that really makes or breaks a song. After our trained ear works their magic, while using the latest and greatest software and plugins, your song will sound commercial grade and be ready for air play. Mastering rates start at $50 per hour, but we offer package deals when getting your material recorded, mixed and mastered here in the studio.


    In the studio, we have the access to convert tape to CD or mp3 as well as vinyl to CD or mp3. Average rate is about $10 per transfer + $2 per CD


    For this service, we customize audio productions suited for your personal needs. Whether it be a song or audio clip for a jingle on a commercial for TV or radio, or a ballad for a soundtrack for your life, CaddyCorner Studio has the personnel and tools to provide you with a product you won't be disappointed with. We have on-call studio musicians to bring in for specific projects. Rates vary for different productions. Inquire about pricing. To listen to samples, click here.

    Live Sound

    CaddyCorner offers on site live sound with the added option to have the perfomance recorded. We also offer DJ services. Rates based on extent of event, but on average are $100 per hour. Inquire with any questions

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